Download Periscope for Window PC and Laptop

download periscope for windows pc and laptop

Download Periscope for Window PC and Laptop : periscope is social site which is use for the Live video streaming.which is Developed by the Twitter Inc.With the help of the periscope app you can Do free Broadcast of the videos.

it has many some best awesome feature.its soo much popular due to its Awesome feature of live video streaming.This periscope app is initially launch in the IOS platform But Now it is also available in the android platform.

But today Lots of people want to use periscope app On windows Pc and Laptop (Desktop).Basically this periscope app is available for only on the Android and Ios system.

But today peoples want use this best app in PC and laptop.

so here we share some of the best tips which is help you to get the smooth running periscope app in your Pc.

Periscope App

periscope is live broadcasting video today all the peoples are started to use periscope app as the  their Birthday party, enjoying wedding video, Music event, your’s funny snaps, wishes your friend on Special occasions watching movies on your laptop, computer and others.


here some feature is like when you started live video streaming then your follower get some of the notification. 

Some of the best advanced feature is also provided are like when you missed that live video session then you can enjoy that video on the one tap button is called ” Replay”.

you need just turn on that replay button for your follower. this is the best feature as we compare this app with the instagram.

So Now get ready for the my Awesome trick for the How to Download Periscope for Window PC and Laptop (Windows 8/7/10).

Now recently this feature is also available for the twitter.If you are the user of the Twitter social site then when you open Twitter then You will find periscope icon for the Live streaming.

if you want live video session in your smartphone then just you need download periscope app in your smartphone.

 then click on the periscope app icon in your twitter app.then your follower is get some of the notification.

and then live video streaming is started.

download periscope for windows pc and laptop

How to Download Periscope for PC or Laptop Windows and Mac?

Step to Download Periscope for PC and Laptop:

1.First Download The Android emulator Software for the You Pc Or Laptop

2. Mostly prefer bluestracks for as the Android emulator software.

3. after just one click start download process.

4. Properly install on your Windows 10 or Windows 8/8.1/7 PC Laptop or Mac Computer.


5. after completing installation and open the bluestracks software.

6.Now open google play store in your smartphone.

7.Now search periscope and then install by one click install button. open app then start using with periscope on windows Desktop.This all method is also applicable if you download periscope app in your Mac/pc/laptop/Desktop.

9.Now after use can use periscope app with your Pc’s mouse

10.Now after this you can watch any videos of peoples , friends Etc..


So i  hope This guide [Updated 2017] How to Download Periscope for Window PC and Laptop(Window/Mac/Iphone/Ipad)., which is much help you to download  and install live video streaming app periscope in your computer.


But if you have any other problem regarding this guide then you can comment below we try our best to help you.

If you like this guide then share with other.



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